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how to do sales return? - Checkout Progress

how to do sales return? - Checkout Progress

  • Go to Navigation Panel Sales margin Sales Return under .
  • In order to make a new sales return select New button.
  • Select the date of sales return.
  • Select the Location and Division of Sales Return.
  • Select concerned sales invoice number or select Direct as References
  • Select the customer to whom the return is registered.
  • Add the return payment type, currency of return.
  • Add discount percentage or value if any
  • Mention the reason for return.
  • Select salesman who handling this sales return.
  • Finally, add remarks if any.
  • Once done select Save icon.
  • Click the Sign button to search and add products.
  • Add the unit of measurement and quantity.
  • Enter loose quantity and FOC if any.
  • Click the item to save the product details.
  • Before confirming, re-check all the data you have entered.
  • Once done click on the and select confirm button.
  • You could also keep the document on hold.
  • Once confirmed the products are returned to the inventory and reflected on other dashboards and reports.
  • You view the created sales return or CSV in the listing screen.


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