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how to do purchase return? - Checkout Progress

how to do purchase return? - Checkout Progress

  • Go to Navigation Panel Purchase Menu Purchase Return
  • To create new purchase return select New button.
  • Select the Date, Location and Division of Purchase Return.
  • Select the Material Receipt Voucher (MRV) form which you want to pull supplier information from.
  • Supplier Info will automatically filled based on MRV selected.
  • Select the Main Account and Sub Account were the Stock Variance is reflected to.
  • Select the Reason for the purchase return.
  • Add Annotation and Remarks if any. Once the form is filled click the Save icon to continue
  • In order to pull the product data from the MRV select Reference tab and click on Pull icon against the MRV you are referring to.
  • Now select the products that needs to returned and update the return quantity field.
  • If you notice, the product list has been updated with the quantity we gave for returning.
  • Select Save icon to save.
  • In order to confirm the Purchase Return click on the icon and click the confirm button.
  • You can also Hold the document for confirming it.
  • Now the Purchase Return process is completed.


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