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how to manage recipes of a finished product? - Checkout Progress

how to manage recipes of a finished product? - Checkout Progress

  • Select the ‘Has Recipe’ checkbox on the product page.
  • Save and confirm. Recipe button would appear against the UOM of the product.
  • Select the recipe button and add ingredients of each product.
  • Click on sign for adding UOM for the finished products.
  • Enter the quantity for the ingredients.
  • Select the substitution mode whether to use the production product or substitution product first.
  • Select the to continue
  • Now click the sign for adding each ingredient.
  • Search the ingredient, select the UOM and enter the quantity required
  • Least UOM quantity for ingredients is the quantity loose.
  • Enter if there is an spoiled quantity for the ingredients while making finished products.
  • Click the after adding description if any to confirm the ingredients and continue the process for adding further ingredients.
  • For adding the substitution products click the ‘Arrow’ mark against the production ingredients.
  • To define the by-products of finished product select the by-product tab, click the sign and add one by one.
  • Add corresponding UOM, quantity, quantity loose, description and click button.
  • After adding by-products and production click the against UOM and select the ‘confirmed’ checkbox and click


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