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how to make payment to a supplier? - Checkout Progress

how to make payment to a supplier? - Checkout Progress


We use Double Entry Book keeping method for recording transactions.

  • For making payment go to Navigation panel Accounts menu Payables.
  • Select 'New'
  • Select the Transaction Type whether it is a Bank or Cash Payment.
  • Select the Period of Transaction, Date and Due Date.
  • Add Ref. Document if any.
  • Add the Division and Department.
  • Add Remarks and Annotation if any.
  • Select 'Save'
  • Add main account as Sundry Creditor by clicking the drop down menu.
  • Select the Name of the Supplier as Sub-Account.
  • Sundry Creditor a/c is debited so select it as Debit.
  • Enter the Amount and click the orange tick button to save the debit transaction.
  • Again select drop down menu and select Bank as main account.
  • Select the concerned Bank Name as Sub Account. Here the Bank Account is credited, hence select it as Credit.
  • Enter the amount and select to save the credit transaction.
  • Select 'Save' to save the Payables document.
  • Select 'Post' to post the payable entry.
  • Payment for the concerned supplier is completed.


  • Go to Navigation panel Accounts Payables .
  • Select Quick Entry , Select Supplier Payment.
  • Enter the Transaction Type; whether it is Bank or Cash Payment.
  • Date, Period and Due Date are automatically selected.
  • Enter the Amount.
  • Select Supplier Name as Sub Account.
  • Add Remarks if any.
  • Select Main Account as Bank.
  • Bank Name is filled automatically in the Sub Account column.
  • Division and Department are automatically selected
  • Save the transaction by selecting Save menu.
  • If it is VAT enabled click the plus sign.
  • Select Save.
  • Select Post to post the payable transaction


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