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how to create a sales invoice document? - Checkout Progress

how to create a sales invoice document? - Checkout Progress

  • Go to Navigation Panel Sales master Sales Invoices.
  • All saved invoices are listed here and on the top can see the snapshot of sales history. Eg. total sales, total sales bill.
  • For new invoice click New
  • Select date to change the current default date, location for transaction, refer the sales order which have been created or select direct.
  • Select division of transaction.
  • Give customer information by adding name, select salesman, select payment type, payment term of the invoice
  • Currency of the payment can be selected here. If there is any change for currency, go to sub account of the customer and edit it.
  • Add header discount if any.
  • Address of the customer is shown here which is been already stored in customer master and can be changed if required.
  • Also change the delivery address and write remarks,if any and save the entry. This interface also allows to add the product details.
  • Customer details are listed in the customer tab and remarks saved in the More info tab.
  • Enter the product name in the search tab or click on the button to add products.
  • Select sales UOM of the product and give all details of the product here.
  • Tax will be calculated according to the customer country
  • Select to save it.
  • Select icon to edit the entry.


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