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how to create a product? - Checkout Progress

how to create a product? - Checkout Progress


  • Go to Navigation panel List Product.
  • Select 'New'
  • Enter Product Code (Auto or Manual; if manual is selected, enter the code)
  • Add Name and Arabic Name(if required)
  • Select Group under drop down menu.
  • Select Category according to your product type
    Traded Inventory :Added in stock register & for sale(For tracking the stock)
    Non- inventory : Items not added in stock, but are for sale
    Service: Items are not in physical form, but service (eg. software)
    Non traded inventory: Added in stock register, not for sale.
  • Select the Sub Group.
  • Enter the Initial Cost.
  • Select if the following parameters are applicable for the product; Batch No, Expiry Date, Manufacturing Date and Serial No. If they are applicable, you will get the prompt to add the details while entering the stock.
  • Add Stock, Re-order details, and Variants if any.
  • Save the initial product details.


  • Add UOM and Barcode.
  • Add Modifier (Add-ons or extras) for the product.
  • Save the Modifier Details.
  • Add Pricelist for the product (Current & Future).
  • Select drop down menu to select Pricelist Mode (Default Price List or New Price list).
  • Select the product by clicking the plus sign button.
  • Add the Per Unit Rate and click the to save the pricelist details.
  • Now your product is ready for sale.
  • Select Ready for Sale on the top of the screen to show the product in catalogue.
  • Save the Product details by clicking the Save button.


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