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Checkout Progress For Trade

Checkout Progress for Trade, an all integrated solution to make your business simple and powerful. Now, you will never have to worry about your IT requirements.

FTA Compliant

As per FTA Regulation, Tax registered businesses are required to store Tax Invoices and related data for a period of 5 years. In order for your organization to securely manage data from Ransomware attacks or file corruption you would require Servers, Firewalls, IT administered Backups and a lot more stuff. We take the pain on your behalf and securely manage your data via our Cloud Servers.


Our Software supports multiple currencies that your business might transact in and further more your organization may have various business levels which can be managed via our software. Multiple companies, multiple divisions and multiple locations whatever may be the condition our software can manage through all and provide User accessibility based on your terms.

Limitless Database

We do not push unnecessary restriction upon our customers on data entries or documents. As a growing enterprise your aspirations and businesses require no restrictions. Making money out of your necessity is not the kind of relation we want to have with our customers hence we have no restriction in terms of your usage. So grow, effortlessly with us.

Powerful Insights

In business you always take risk-related decisions and with our software we make it easy to support the decision making with facts and information. Your data is useless without proper context to it, our powerful reporting and Business Intelligence tools help you build your own context and manipulate data to gather relevant information.

Checkout Progress Modules


Ledger, Balance Sheet Sales & purchase invoicing, daily transactions


Manage stock, location transfer, and stock accounting


Automate the production updates

Business Intelligence,
and analytics

Navigate your business through Short-term and long-term trends using data analytics


Automate and track the sales in realtime


Organize and control One-time or Schedules purchases


Handle HR procedures and payroll using HR management systems


Get detailed reports of various divisions & departments

Tax calculation

Automate taxation process [VAT] easily using ERP



Per Month, Includes 3 Users
Financial Accounting
Sales and Purchases
Inventory Management
BI & Reporting

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Trading more easily
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