5 Reasons why you should use a Smart POS system

Dump old POS use Smart POS

5 Reasons why you should dump your old POS and shift to A Smart POS Terminal

  1. POS should fulfill specific business requirements.
  2. SaaS-based POS is more beneficial for SMBs.
  3. Business Intelligence and Business Analytics are vital.
  4. Payment terminals must be technologically updated.
  5. Smart POS can save costs.

The New Year 2020 is almost year, the decade comes in with a lot of magnificent changes. The retail industry and small businesses aren’t an exception. With the year and technology moving fast forward, it is important to accept and adapt to the explicit changes that will drive your sales up, manage your business easily and eventually help you in the brand establishment. That is why you should shift to a better ‘Smart POS System’.

1. One size doesn’t fit all – Smart POS that fulfill your specific business requirements.

Yes, businesses aren’t identical, even if they are of the same industry. The requirements of business vary according to region, your goals & visions, employees, resources available, etc.

A POS must be able to utilize your resources to the maximum and give you the optimized result. Sometimes you find some apps that are good for you, but won’t be compatible with your existing systems or won’t have enough backend support. That’s why we always say that the package matters.

A Smart POS System will be compatible with your existing systems, adaptable for your employees and resources and should have enough backend support. The customization they offer must not interrupt the operational flow (ya, that would be completely ironic).

Apps like Foodie (for Quick service restaurants – Café, Van sale), Lazeez (larger restaurants) and Souk (Supermarkets & Kiosk, textile shops) are created for the specific requirements and can be customized for your taste.

2. SaaS(Software-as-a-Service) ERP can be more beneficial than On-Premise ERPs

In the last couple of years, SaaS-based ERPs had taken over On-premise ERPs. And it is predicted that almost 70% of all software systems will be shifted to Cloud-based in 2020.

Once you get to know the advantages of SaaS-based ERP over On-premise ones, this isn’t so surprising.

Saas ERP vs On premise ERP

The primary idea of SaaS is to eliminate physical restrictions & requirements, let the vendors handle all the tasks of the IT team (servers, maintenance, up-gradation, etc.) and provide you with the cloud access to your data and ERP functionality via an internet browser or a mobile app or both.

That also says the access is live from anywhere in the world. Hence it is obvious that SaaS must be the first option. However, a factor that sometimes pulls people back from SaaS is security. The data entered is very sensitive and must be handled with care.

Even though On-Premise also poses some security threats, people are more speculative towards giving data access to other companies. That’s why you must choose a trustful vendor. Make sure, the vendor has the security requisites and is FTI compliant like the CheckOut Point Smart POS system. And they must be able to provide round-the-clock support.

3. Business Intelligence  and analytics is Vital

Business Intelligence is already the big thing in the market and next coming up is the better versions of this. How well architecture converts data to useful information! This will give you a clear understanding of your business structure and your customers.

A good strategist can go through the information, extract even the minor details(which BI will give you) and turn it into excellent marketing plans and strategies. This will help you effectively optimize the resources that are in your possession.

4. A Smart Payment Terminal

Those times with bulky computer screens and several other devices spread around your counter is gone. The new idea is to integrate most of the pieces of equipment and make it simpler and elegant.

Checkout Point’s Poynt is a simple countertop interface that does not only have several functionalities integrated but also is simple to adapt.

The device accepts all modes of payment options (cards- magnetic strip and chip, NFC, digital wallets and cash payments). It comes with an inbuilt printer, barcode scanner and works on WiFi, Ethernet or 3G. It is compatible with external peripherals like Cash drawers, registers, etc.

5. Payment on the Go!

Many would think that given all the advantages, new POS systems are going to cost more which isn’t true. Even the On-Premise ERP alone will cost you 60% more compared to SaaS ERPs. And the up-gradation to the new system will eventually add up to your profits also.

That says your old POS systems will cost you more than the new Smart POS systems.

If in confusion, you can choose different plans according to your interest, ie, you can pay on the go.

With customized apps, round the clock backend support and training, Checkout Point offers you the best business solution.  Integrated Payment Terminal and simplified software solutions help you to optimize the resources you have, achieve better sales. Checkout Point FZCO, as a subsidiary of WayPoint Systems, complements your business efforts with our Smart Complete Business Solutions. Operating in GCC since 2013, we fulfill the complete IT requirements of your firm with consistent backend support and upgraded technologies

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