Upgrade Your Business from a Point of Sale System to the Point of Business Solution

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A business transaction is the most important part of your business. Why? It is because that is when you have to keep track of a number of things, such as your inventory. Once that barcode is scanned, there should be one less item in your inventory. And, if there are any special offers on that product, then it has to be applied correctly. Also, if it is a returnable product, and if the customer comes back to return it, then that too should be taken care of. All of these small steps that evolve around a transaction can be very hectic and time consuming if you do not have an efficient solution. And this is where Checkout Point’s Point Of Sale (POS) solution steps in.


With technology that has advanced so much and the expertise to incorporate them into a solution, your business does not just need POS software; rather you need the Point Of Sale solution that helps your business grow and know no bounds. Catering to every business  needs, Checkout Point’s POS software is one of the best POS system in UAE. Some of our Point Of Sale solutions include the “Foodie” app for the quick service restaurants and cafes, “Rufaheya” for the service sector industry that includes spas, salons, etc., “Lazeez” POS software for hotels and the “Souk App” for retailers.


Each of our Point Of Sale solutions are designed in such a way that they cater to every business unique requirements by assuring the best transaction experience for the customer, while a smooth business to the owner.

Why is Checkout Point’s Point Of Sale solutions regarded as the best POS system in UAE?

Connected to the cloud-based enterprise solution portal called the Checkout Progress, our POS solutions provide the best of features that include:

• Inventory management–Manage your stock and inventory efficiently, saving time and workforce that can be better utilized to increase profits.

• Business intelligence – Use data from analytics to identify the areas to focus and navigate your business to success.

• Financial accounting – POS system from Checkout Point provides your business with a centralized solution that will help you manage all your financial and accounting operations.

• Data analytics – Reports give you a better look into your business performance. Convert your business  data into information and standard reports with solutions from Checkout Point.

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