Mashreq introduces SaaS based business solution

With customer habits evolving at an unprecedented rate, the payments industry as a whole is turning on its head exploring innovations such as digital wallets (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Mashreq Pay, etc.), QR code based payments, Mobile POS, etc. Mashreq in order to achieve a closed relation with the SME Merchants has partnered with Checkout Point Systems to introduce a Point of Business solution.

Large enterprises and chains are investing in consumer analytics and lean inventory management through expensive ERP software and business applications. Mashreq is introducing the same set of software tools as a Subscription service in partnership with Checkout Point Systems. This would allow Merchants to monitor their Sales, identify key business analytics, tracking their inventory, filing their VAT returns and much more.

The in store card acceptance machines, POS hasn’t seen much change in terms of capability, look & feel, there has been a lack of deep integrations with merchant ERP systems, etc. especially when it comes to SME retailers. To capture that requirement Mashreq has launched the Point of Business solution which enables you to accept all kinds of digital payments, cash payments, bill invoices against orders, manage Products and menu items, etc.

Enabling Dubai’s smart city vision we are providing SME merchants this solution on Poynt Smart Terminal, an interactive smart terminal with two touchscreens to improve the customer experience while also providing increased security for all kinds of payments interfaces like Cards, Contactless, QR Code, etc.

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