How to use Cloud ERP for your business to fight the Covid-19 crisis?

Cloud ERP free to fight Covid-19 crisis

Learn how Cloud ERP will help your business to fight the Pandemic economic crisis and improve the recovery speed.

Covid-19 had affected all the working sectors of the economy and business. The idea of social distancing and lockdown had created a crisis for almost all businesses. While most of the employees work from Home,managing them had become a tedious task. The processes had become super-slow because coordination takes more time than the actual process. The blog post explains how to use Cloud ERP to fight Covid-19 business crisis, especially the small business sector.

How the companies are affected primarly?

The practice of social distancing had virtually asked for compromising. Either compromise workforce or the company procedures. And no matter the size of the company, certainly nobody can afford it.

The On-Premise ERPs make the process slower as it requires the team to be on the same physical network. Cloud ERP is the best available solution for the crisis. And so far had proved to be the most helpful one to fight the Covid-19 business crisis.

What is Cloud ERP and how it will help?

On-Premise ERPs or conventional ERPs work on a physical server set up on the store. The system needs to set up and arranged. Additionally, it does require the attention of an IT person or even an IT department.

On the other hand, Cloud ERP works on a virtual network called Cloud. You upload the data to the Cloud. Hence can access from anywhere at any time. You can use the software on a subscription basis and use it as a downloaded application.

A boon for Companies.

The Cloud network is, in fact, a silver lining for the small business sector. The companies require not more than 30% of the workforce in the company and practice social distancing. In that situation, remote access to data will help more and more employees to work from home, yet run the processes smoothly.

Features Cloud ERP offer

The SaaS-based solutions made it easier to manage the work, foresee accounting, sales, and purchases. Additionally, you can oversee them remotely.

Above all, many of the tasks are automated including accounting, purchase, sales, inventory, etc. Additionally, HR management, payroll, CRM also managed remotely which helps companies to cut the workforce to be present at the office by a large percentage.

Checkout Progress Free Cloud ERP

Private and Secure Data

Even when Cloud ERP is the best solution, many bother about security. The informations entered, especially card details and personal banking informations are delicate and holds a secretive nature.

The good news is SaaS-based systems provide more security than On-premise systems offers. Additionally, the absence of a physical network offers less risk for a security breach.

The advantage of Powerful insights

Business Analytics and Business Intelligence dashboard is the cherry on the cake for businesses. Consequently, all business bears risks. And they say Businesses who are willing to take risks will achieve success.

However, the saying is not completely true. You should take calculated risks for success. BI and Analytics help you with that. You will get powerful insights in an actionable format in the BI dashboard. You can plan the business strategies according to the insights on your sales and productivity.

The power of Contactless payments and POS

Another risk-bearing factor that had put stores in crisis is handling the payments. Stores are looking for contactless payment systems. The major issue for setting up such a system is the need for several devices to accept different modes of payments and the synchronization of information with POS.

To clarify, the conventional method accept NFC payments, QR code payments, etc with different devices. And the cashier enter the transaction details manually into POS . Consequently, this will incur the room for error which companies can’t afford in the present scenario.

Checkout Point Cloud POS

Poynt Smart Terminal and Hassle-free applications

Using one-for-all Smart Terminal Poynt integrated with POS applications eliminates such error . Secondly, the Plug and Play device is designed to accept all modes of payments.  The mobile device helps to implement a hassle-free contactless payment system.

And the Cost is Zero!

Normally, Cloud ERP systems cost less than On-premise systems. However, helping businesses to fight and cope with the current crisis; subscribe Checkout Progress for Zero Charges.

Yes, you heard it right. All these with zero charges. Checkout Point offers the cloud ERP subscription for free until the end of the Year. You can have a trial to understand more about the features and use it for free until Dec 31st, 2020.

Try for the whole year for free and see how Cloud ERP will help you to fight Covid-19 and recover the losses smoothly.

Checkout Point, A subsidiary of WayPoint Systems support small business all over GCC since 2013. We take care of your IT requirements including POS systems, POS applications, Cloud ERP for retails & Trades, Payment terminals, and sales distribution software.

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