6 tips for Restaurants to survive Pandemic challenges.

Learn more about how restaurants can survive the COVID- 19 situations and lockdown

The pandemic COVID-19 had taken a huge toll on every industry. While the UAE has proposed 24-hour sterilization and more restrictions on movement, it is more difficult to survive. However, restaurants and cafes are business that is essential services and can help other people amidst these situations. There are complications, yet restaurants can survice pandemic crisis with certain actions.

The restaurant owners need to work on promoting the health and safety of employees and customers. It’s not just about survival, but a responsibility to respond cautiously. Even after the current situation pass, follow the practice to boost your business.

1. Train your employees to be safe and cautious

While everyone says ‘Customer is the King’, employees are family. It is important and responsible to train your employees to be safe. Provide hand sanitizers, masks, and other necessary safety measures.

Make sure the masks are of standard quality and are useful. Urge them to keep the premises, not only the kitchen to be clean and sanitized. As a manager or restaurant owner, make sure all employees follow the instructions.

Pro Tip: Keep your ‘Menu cards’ clean.  Even though dine-in is restricted Menu cards are still used by Takeaway customers. Either completely avoid Menu and prefer displays or make sure menu cards are regularly sanitized.

2. Promote contactless payments.

The idea is a long term proposal. It took a pandemic for us to realize how much bacteria cash carry on their own. Additionally, the fact that cash is the most transmitted thing among us adds to the importance of contactless payments. Mobile wallets, NFC, Tap& Pay, etc. are the contactless payment options.

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However, one hindrance business face in the situation is the lack of a payment device that can accept all those payment types. Normally at a store, multiple payment devices are set up for the purpose.

Unique POS devices like POYNT [mobile device] can solve the issue once and all. The device can be operated using GSM also which solves the issue of connectivity.

Pro Tip: Card swiping, pin entry, etc. are not contactless. Make sure to sanitize those devices regularly. Also, make sure you inform the customer about such options when they order.

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3. Integrate with food delivery applications

The delivery option for food is still open. Consequently, most revenue restaurants can expect are from delivery. It is essential that you have to do food delivery all over the place. While some high-end fine dines restaurants can afford it, QSRs won’t be able to do the same.

The best option available for you is integrating with food delivery application like Zomato or Talabat. Moreover, such integrations will improve the visibility of your restaurant. Certainly, it will prove beneficial long term.

4. Choose Cloud-based ERP

ERP is an essential part of the business. Choose SaaS-based ERP and POS so you can work remotely. You can create invoices, manage inventory, and pull out reports remotely. In addition, if you have multiple stores, Cloud-based ERP will be more efficient to manage the data and information from multiple stores.

Checkout Progress can offer more utilities along with the power of Cloud-based POS application Lazeez or Foodie and POYNT Smart Terminal.

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5. Healthy, clean foods!

This is the time health and immunity are more precious than anything else in the world. Make your business a role model and focus on improving the quality of food. Focus on preparing more healthy food and promote those through your social media channels.

While people might be inclined to fast-food during the lockdown, make sure they are prepared as best and clean as you can.

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6. Build on your customer relations

After all, these are the times of panic. We, the human race can survive the pandemic only through harmony and care to each other. Take care of your employees as they are forced to work amidst the pandemic. Take care of your customers as your delivery guy would be the only person they might’ve seen in the day.

While social distancing is necessary, a smile on face surely can help us to survive.

This is the time of the pandemic, yet no need to panic. While panic may lead us to a more severe situation. Meanwhile being responsible can help us bring more positivity to the society and can fight this threat.

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