How to setup contactless payment systems? [with link to free demo]

Learn how to setup hassle free contactless payment systems on your store, the options available, and link to free demo.

Contactless payment systems are on the rise owing to the crisis Covid-19 incurred. It had become the necessity of the hour to maintain social distancing. The one system that carries the most risk is payments in retail stores. To clarify, the idea of transferring cash, using a machine that swipes hundreds of cards a day in itself is horrifying. The worst part is the limitation of the sanitization of cash, cards, and machines. That’s why contactless payment systems are on the rise.

While most of the related articles link to e-commerce systems, we are discussing about the physically contactless payment systems.

MasterCard conducted a Global study on March this year. The 70 percent of Middle East participants responded that they have shifted to contactless payment options. And not so surprisingly 81 percent confirmed that they will continue using contactless payment options in the post-pandemic world.

In an era of digitisation, contactless technology is already at the forefront of payment solutions – it’s safe, unique to every purchase, reduces the risk of loss or counterfeit, and makes the shopping experience convenient and hassle-free.

– Gaurang Shah, senior vice president of digital payments & labs, Mastercard MEA

Source: The rise of contactless Payments – Wamda

What are the contactless payment systems?

Contactless payments- as the name suggests, are the payment modes that don’t require contact. The conventional modes – cash transfer, debit/credit card swipe, etc. are not appealing for the customers in the current situations. On the other hand, QR code payments, other digital wallets, etc. are the major ones.

NFC payments also are one of the popular methods of contactless payments. The latest applications like Samsung Pay, Ali Pay, Google Pay, etc. had seen a rise in customers’ transactions in the past few months.The mobile payment methods and digital wallets offer a secure mode of payments.

What pulls Small Businesses back?

Ideally, a small business, you must have every mode of payment acceptance. The feature indeed improves customer satisfaction and customer retention. However, there are a few hindrances that pull you back from implementing an all-in-one solution. One of the major issues you face is setting up the system. For instance, all of these modes need separate devices. Sometimes, you also require to enter the transaction details manually to the POS which makes the setup more time consuming and complicated.

Checkout Point Cloud POS

An all-in-one integrated solution

All the issues are solved by the integrated device – Poynt. The countertop device is simple and easy to setup. Further, the device is a Plug and Play and can use with the customized POS applications.

All modes of payments

Certainly, the primary issue of acceptimg multple modes of payments, including contactless payments is solved by Poynt Smart Terminal. It accepts EMV, NFC, Mag Stripe, Gift card, Credit card, Cash, and various digital wallets.

Specially designed applications

The Poynt system will have POS applications specifically designed for retails, restaurants, QSRs, etc. The simple UI design helps you to create a hassle-free storefront.

Cloud system

Since the device is all-in-one, you need not enter the transaction details manually. The data is stored in a cloud network and transferred in encrypted mode consequently providing the utmost security.

Simple and elegant counter-top design

The design of the Poynt device is sleek and elegant. For example, it comprises two screens; a customer-facing and a merchant facing screen which makes it easy for order taking and improve customer experience.

Always stay connected

Request Free demo POS - Contactless payment systems

The device works on Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and GSM which consequently ensure connectivity 24*7.


The device is integrated with a printer, barcode scanner. Additionally, you can connect peripheral devices like cash drawers via USB port. Poynt smart terminal is compatible with several peripheral devices.

Hassle-free setup

The Poynt device is Plug and Play. As a result of simple design and interface, the customization and training can be done easily.

Contactless delivery

Contactless delivery is also the necessity of the hour. The mobile device Poynt can ensure safety during delivery also. As a business, you must let your customers know that you have upgraded the technology. For instance, It would be nice to plan promotional strategies around contactless payment methods and offer gift coupons. Use social media to improve the visibility and reach to your customers.

A few necessary cautions

Even though you adapt to contactless payments, make sure you take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of your team and customers.

  • Train your employees to practice contactless-business
  • Sanitize the devices and premises often
  • Let your customers know you have upgraded.
  • Practice more contactless- business

More power with Cloud ERP – Checkout Progress

It is not only the contactless payment systems that are necessary for small businesses but a powerful cloud ERP Checkout Progress. The necessity of access and work remotely is inevitable these days.

A cloud ERP, unlike on-premise ERP, lets you monitor, measure, and control most of your business tasks remotely. This includes accounting, inventory management, sales& purchases, and much more. Additionally, the Business intelligence and analytics dashboard give you powerful insights in an actionable format.

Now you can subscribe to Checkout Progress and use it for free for the whole year.

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In short, contactless payments aren’t that hard to implement but is a necessity of the hour. Certainly, implementing multiple options for payment acceptance improves customer satisfaction. The system includes much more than payment, but also a powerful POS system. Additionally, you can boost productivity with powerful ERP.

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