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Hopper Van Sales distribution FMCG WaterSales Cloud App

Hopper – Van Sales Application for Van Sales, Water Distribution, FMCG, and other moving business with Cloud ERP Support

Van Sales application and delivery management require an application that focuses on precision and control. The issue with most applications are, they are like Heisenberg’s application. You can’t have one while you have the other. Checkout Point’s effort to create something that has precision and control gave way to the creation of Hopper App – the solution for Van Sales, delivery management, sales distribution, and water sales.

Measure- Monitor –Control

As I said earlier, Van Sales management application requires precision and control. Hopper is built on the base of 3-way management. Measure, monitor, and control!

Measure Van Sales Productivity

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Since the Van Sales, FMCG, and, water sales are ever moving, the measurement of sales, inventory are a bit different than the other type of trades. Hopper keeps accurate data for all these factors. However, measuring isn’t limited to these.

Hopper is built to understand and eliminate the risk factors that would cause disruptions in the business.  The data collected is analyzed to understand the productivity & accountability of the salesperson. It also gives you the market trends and customer behaviour so you can strategize well.

The useful matrices in Van Sales that you want to measure will be the invoices/minute or average time per customer. These will be effective in ensuring precision.

Monitor the distribution efficiency

The supervisor/manager faces the issue of managing the sales team often. Unlike other business stores, distribution business makes it harder to communicate and have a close watch.

Hopper App is unique in such a way that the managers won’t have to worry anymore, ever! The application lets you have a detailed bird-eye view of your sales team, sales, and other important prospects.

In short, you will have a clear understanding of the supply chain.

Control the supply chain and sales distribution

And that’s the good news for managers. Hopper allows you to have absolute control over the sales team and the strategies. For instance, create promotional plans, loyalty programs, and price lists easily. 

You’ll have a real-time decision making power in the route and avoid customer grievance at all. Additionally, the control you have will eliminate the possibility of any malicious activity.

Hopper app allows a real-time update on stock, sales, and batch uploading of products. The products can be managed using barcode management.

Who can use the Hopper Application?

  1. Van Sales
  2. FMCG
  3. Water Sales
  4. Distribution
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Master your Delivery management

#Controller Master

The controller Master is the paradise for the supervisor/manager. The control master lets you monitor the overall view as well as the individual sales statistics of each salesperson.

It also comprises stock management, coupon management, etc.

#Location Master

The system-wise stock keeping is made easy with the Location master. You can keep accounts on Individual moving locations [vehicles] and stationary locations [warehouses].

This will ensure more detailed management of stock hence each location have separate stock management.

#Vehicle Master

Having said that in Control Master, you can view the details of each salesperson, you can do the same for the vehicles in Vehicle Master.

To clarify, you can manage the vehicle details as loading capacity and the stock. Hopper interface will let you manage things in a simple seamless way.

#Route Master

Implementing routes is one of the crucial factors of Van Sales and delivery management to ensure precision and productivity.

Hopper doesn’t restrict you from creating multiple routes, edit them according to the addition/removal of customers so you can ensure maximum output with minimum resource expense.

Moreover, you can associate a vehicle/salesperson to each route and analyze their efficiency.

#Building Master

The feature is certainly useful for the Water Sales companies who supply to several customers in the same building.

In residential/commercial buildings, typically the caretaker of the building collects the water cans and supplies them to each customer according to the necessity. This is done to ensure the supply to all those are in requirement and to save time and effort for the water sales companies.

Hence you can use the Building master to ensure accountability.

#Customer Master

The customer is the King in all business. Therefore, it is important to maintain accurate data of customers. You can manage the customer details, address, payment methods, and other data simply for the sake of it.

But better use would be to run loyalty programs, targeted ad marketing [emails and sms] and so which will boost your sales.

Water Sales made easy with Coupon management, sales, and transfer.

Another important feature merchants look for is Coupon Management which is prominent in water sales.

You can manage the coupons, its sales, transfer, and other details in a simpler yet effective way.

Power boost with the Checkout Progress Cloud ERP

The backend Cloud ERP – Checkout Progress is built with ease of merchants and utmost precision in mind. You can manage all the departments of your company with the Enterprise Resource Planning Software.

For instance, Checkout Progress supports many of your business requirements which include Financial Accounting, sales, purchases, invoicing, CRMS, HRMS, etc.

Checkout Progress Cloud ERP Hopper Van Sales App

The Business Intelligence and Analytics dashboard gives you actionable insights on the data about your business.

No, this isn’t just reports, but actionable insights for you. That means you can ignore risks, better, take calculated risks, and formulate your business strategy for the better. 

The Hopper application and ERP let you do the process of Van Sales in a hassle-free flow.

Checkout Point Business Solution

Checkout Point FZCO (A subsidiary of WayPoint Systems) is a leading FinTech company in the GCC. We provide Cloud Solutions for Small and Medium Business. This includes POS Terminals, Applications, Cloud ERP solutions, etc. Our expertise in the technology and knowledge of the market helped to build solutions which are more relevant for the merchants.

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