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Café 1989, Ghayathi, Abu Dhabi – Remote & Mobile

Situated 250 km away from the city of Abu Dhabi, Ghayathi is a small town with a population of 14000. With not many eateries around the town, local resident Mr. Abdullah Almansori decided to open a food truck café serving Coffee and sandwiches near the main Ghayathi market. Since its opening, the food truck has received great appreciation from the local residents who are pleasured with the service and quality of products offered to them in the vicinity.

Being a remote place and food truck there were many challenges in installing a cloud-based and bulky traditional Point of Sale system. Poynt seemed like the correct choice with its ability to connect over WiFi or 3G and its ease of operability as a Mobile or Fixed Terminal. Moreover, a single piece of hardware allowed Café 1989 to process their customer’s orders, print Invoices and accept all kind of payments.

About Foodie –

We have deigned various Register applications on Poynt OS to fit the needs for most of the Merchants. The application tend to provide solution for their In-Store management activities such as recording Sales, managing Cash Register, handling Returns, etc.

Checkout – A Point of Business Solution

Empower your business with the world’s smartest terminal, Poynt. Our Register applications will further enable your cashier’s to utilize the advanced features of Poynt for your in-store transactions. As a business owner you can manage the whole business via our cloud-based enterprise solution, Progress. As a solution provider we do not offer only a POS Hardware or a Software but we offer a complete solution.

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