How to ensure perfect customer service in your restaurant? 7 major points you must focus on.

Restaurant and Cafe Customer Service

Ensure quality customer service right from the start to end. Make sure your guests are happy in the following 7 points

Customer service in Restaurants and Cafes is one of the most important aspects of a restaurant that makes or breaks the fortune of it. It doesn’t limit to serving quality food, but starts even before the launch of a restaurant and doesn’t stop even after they have left your place. For every business, customers are the King. For eateries, they are the emperor because Word of Mouth publicity matters the most for eateries. Even if you serve the best food, if the service is bad, you’ll lose the customers. Here are a few points you should check to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction for your business.

1. Make it easy to reach you

As I said, customer service starts even before they reach your premises. The first step is an easy way to access you. If you have a website or social media pages, update the information of working hours, appointments, cuisine information, location, and contact details accurately. Make sure your contact details are accessible.

Most provide email IDs yet forget to check the incoming messages. Make sure people can reach you easily.
A tip is to use Google My Business for increased visibility. Keep posting in the account regularly. 

2. Upgrade the look and layout

Restaurant Layout and design is the first thing a dine-in customer notices. Take special care on picking a theme and following it. Understand your target audience and pick a theme. Just don’t put the Great Wall of China wallpaper on the wall of an Italian restaurant.

It is even better if you could pick something that emotionally connects to the customers.

This doesn’t mean you have to be fancy. Create a photogenic, connecting layout, design, and colour combination.

And make sure you maintain the restaurant nicely. Tidiness and neatness are crucial for any eatery.

Here is an article that might help you.

3. Menu Engineering; a look beyond the list

The menu is not just a list of your products, consider them as a non-conventional way of interaction with customers. That is why ‘Menu Engineering’ is important for customer satisfaction. Picking up a design and editing to add the product list won’t suffice. There is a proper procedure for Menu Engineering.

Be sure to stick with the theme you’ve chosen for the restaurant. List all the products you have. Segregate and categorize them. Add a small description [to know the ingredients]. Create a design for your menu. The pictures added should do justice to the original item.

Some studies show that the dirtiest item in a restaurant is the printed table menu. The booklet is the host for numerous infectious viruses and bacteria. Placing a QR code on tables so the customers can scan and see the menu in mobile would be an ideal solution. This will effectively reduce the chance of interaction.

With the new norm of social distancing, keeping a printed QR code on the table so people can see the menu on their phones. Checkout Point provides the provision to manage the catalogue and print QR code.

Source: Food & Drink Resources

4. Pay at the table

Pay at the table is no longer a concept, but a reality. However, with a wide spectrum of payment options, the service is often limited as you might need separate devices to accept each mode of payment.

Smart Terminals like Poynt can be a solution for this. You can either place it on the counter to take orders and accept payments [as it is a Smart POS with inbuilt payment terminal]. It accepts all modes of payment from Cash, cards, NFC, QR codes, Alipay, Samsung Pay, etc.

5. Properly trained employees

Staff training can be a tricky part. Even if yours is a small eatery, train your staff on how to attend the customers, how to speak, how to serve, and how to receive feedback. Most servers would have an idea on how to serve but don’t know what happens in the kitchen. That shouldn’t be the case.

The servers must know at least the basics of dishes so they can attend the queries of customers easily.

Employees must be provided with proper training on how to use the POS systems, Cash terminals, and other software. They should be able to provide basic troubleshooting.

6. Value for loyal customers

Customer retention is a major factor for a business. The idea is to deliver the best service for them without any hassle. It might be irritating for customers to give all the information all over again while visiting an eatery regularly.

You need to be sure to maintain the customer information and history of transactions to ensure maximum service for those.

The one benefit is you could use a loyalty program using this information or provide discounts to ensure the retention

7. Follow Up after service

One of the important concepts of customer service is that it never stops. Even after the customer leaves the eatery, the service is to be continued. You can do this in multiple ways;

  • Always send a Thankyou mail, message
  • Inform new offers
  • Send seasonal greetings
  • Provide the opportunity to express their feedback
  • Respond to queries faster

Another service medium is Social media. Young people, especially Millennials and Gen Z use social media platforms to check in the restaurants they have visited. Follow up these posts, mentions, feedbacks, and reviews. Promote good User-generated contents.

Never spam them with emails. 

As you understand where all you should focus, then you might think this is everything. In a way YES, in the world of fierce competition, everyone does 100%. To win over clients and retain the existing ones, you have to do the extra 5% work and that’s where the difference lies.

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