Checkout Point Cloud POS

Various providers in the market are currently offering point-of-sale (POS) systems to the merchant. Checkout Point Systems is a company incorporated in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) and as an enterprise solution provider has built and implemented systems across GCC. The firm has e-implementations of POS and M-POS in collaboration with Mashreq, but felt that these systems tend to isolate themselves and are not fully cross-functional. The POS software and hardware is very bulky at times and doesn’t integrate with the card terminals provided by banks. Added to that the requirement for mobile POS, which is a very complex infrastructure to manage and successfully implement.

Checkout Point came across Poynt Smart Terminal while searching for a terminal that has the capabilities to provide POS functionality and accepting card payments in a single device. It was at that moment where the firm conceptualised ‘Checkout – The Point of Business Solution’, which can allow billing and accepting card payments at Poynt Smart Terminal and further more provides business analytics, inventory management, accounting, payroll and other features to fulfill all of the IT solution requirements of a merchant. With VAT regulations coming in January 2018, it has given Checkout Point a unique opportunity to provide these features on a cloud-based platform and reduce the high infrastructure requirement for a smaller merchant. Businesses with Checkout as a Point of Business solution can keep up with Smart City Vision and other initiatives by UAE Government.

Mashreq Acquiring Services has always prided itself on its innovative, pioneering spirit. Over the past 40 years, it has been consistently ahead of the competition in the development of new products and services. Most of the professionals in the industry have come across with the Poynt products but were not able to identify the right proposition for the market or were never willing to do so. Mashreq Acquiring Services was more than excited to introduce this solution and with a partner like Checkout Point Systems they are able to present it as Checkout, an overall point-of-business solution tending to all the IT requirements of a Merchant. Checkout Point’s knowledge in terms of enterprise solutions was critical in addressing IT needs of a small-scale retailer to a large retail chain. Mashreq Acquiring Services can now offer merchants with a composite solution no matter their size.

As an enterprise solution provider, Checkout Point understands bigger retail chains have large enterprise solutions in place and cannot shift to the new solution immediately. So, for them, the firm was able to design an easy system that allows ‘plug and play’ of Poynt Smart Terminals. The cost advantages of purchasing a Poynt Smart Terminal versus the bulky POS hardware and card terminal is noteworthy.

A nominal POS setup will cost a merchant around Dh5,000, minus the cost of software for POS and accounting. Banks can charge anywhere around Dh1000-2000 in fees for merchant setup. Checkout Point Poynt Smart Terminal is priced at Dh3600 and comes with 3-year accidental damage protection and warranty.


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