8 Tips to improve customer retention of retail store

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Read more about tips to improve the loyal customer base for your small, medium businesses and retail stores.

Customer service for retail is one of the most important pillars for the growth of a retail business, no matter the size! Yet, it is the one aspect which sometimes overlooked. Some business owners have the idea that ‘sweet-talking’ to the customers would suffice but it doesn’t.

In the new era where multiple options are available for almost all kinds of business, you need to level up. Not only will it guarantee you customer loyalty, but unpaid promotion and marketing as well.

The trend predictions for 2020 says the Millennial and Gen-Z will prefer customer reviews over ads. They trust more on the feedback from the peer group rather than the ‘manipulative ads’. Hence it is necessary to focus more on ‘online’ and ‘offline’ customer satisfaction.

Here are a few tips to improve customer service and experience.

1. Create space for customer-generated contents

A social media trend predicted for upcoming years is User-generated content. (Read Top 5 retail trends for 2020)The idea is already existing and will have more relevance in marketing in the coming years.

Also, people are more inclined towards socially responsible products. As a business owner, you should create a space or ambiance to create socially responsible products and social media shareable content.

Redecorating a restaurant area to create a more selfie-apt environment won’t be enough. Think out of the box to implement unique ideas that will bring user-generated content in social media.

user generated content and customer service

The generated contents must be acknowledged and put to better use for marketing.

2. No fuzz loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are one true tool to create a strong customer base. More often, the business ends up making this too complicated that people lose interest.

People don’t store receipts, go back home, and fill in survey form only for a 1% reward. The loyalty programs you create must be simple and seemingly beneficial for users.

Create simple loyalty programs and make it easy to redeem for customer retention. Coupon codes and discounts are fine until they take too much time and effort to redeem.

Returns and replacements shouldn’t be fuzzy as well. The longer procedure to return an item is a huge turn off for the customer.

Smart POS POYNT can easily manage coupon codes and discounts.

3. Speedy transaction

Customers don’t like to wait once the deal is done. They also don’t like it when have to enter the details every single time they walk into the store.

Also don’t like they have limited options for the payment. Business needs to focus more on easier, simple, and secure transactions. The conventional payment systems might lack the utilities.

Have a check on the systems you are having and check whether they are capable of providing a smoother customer experience.

Checkout Point Terminal App

4. Update technology

Outdated technologies are as bad as untrained staff. They will ruin the whole experience and irritate your customers.

Have a look at the latest technologies and the ones you have. You are too behind if you are not thinking to update for ‘Pay at the table’ options or email the invoices etc.

Understand the technology out there, choose the best options for you. They might look like an unnecessary expense, it is not if you have a long term return.

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5. More focus on online customer service

Online customer service is as crucial as store customer service. Not maintained website, no reply for queries, etc. are reckoning the reputation of the business.

Chatbots are fine for instant connection, but most people prefer human interaction. Even if you are using a chatbot, be sure to get back to them with a personalized e-mail. Answer the queries on social media in a simple manner.

Always redirecting to your website is certainly not a good idea. Understand the query, give them a brief, and then redirect to the website or demo or meet up according to the situation.

6. Train your staff regularly

Most of the time there will be initial training while joining the firm and that’s it. Certainly, you need to train the staff more often.

Let them know the internal changes, future plans, and all the details of the service you provide. That way, they won’t stumble or provide false information when a customer approaches.

A staff who knows in and out and can answer almost all the queries make customers happy and satisfied. Track the progress as well.

For example, smart POS will have separate login credentials for each server in a restaurant. You can analyze the service they have provided during their shift and make necessary arrangements for improvement.

Here is a wonderful article on how to train your retail staff.

7. Receive feedback and take actions on it

This goes with both the customers and employees. Take note of the simplest feedbacks and take action on it. If you can’t change it, explain to them why it is so.

Nothing turns off more than feedback with no actions.

A smart POS has the option to add notes along with the customer information. This will help you to note the customer’s personal preference and follow them in the future.

In the case of employees, there is a psychological aspect as well. Taking their feedbacks for improvement creates a sense of value in them.

Customer service and customer review

8. Measure Customer happiness

You can choose multiple options to do so. Most prominently used one is setting up a rating device at the counter. Usually, it is simple and straight forward.

Don’t forget to ask the issue if a customer has given a low rating. Take the feedback and act on it. Other methods are sending links or forms to get feedback. Make it a habit to measure and improve.

Customer retention and customer service for retail and small business depends on how valuable a customer feel. And it all depends on how a company perceives the customer.

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