7 tips for social media marketing for Small and Medium Business owners

Every other blog posts on small and medium business focus on the idea of social media marketing. But the issue with the SMBs like you is how far you can stretch for going online marketing. You might find it out of budget sometimes to hire a professional.

As a business owner, it is possible to have a good start on your own. All you need is a little bit of experience in social media platforms and a little networking capability. Here are a few tips to help you as a beginning business owner.

You can do it yourself!

The idea is to reach as many people through the most used interactive platforms. Here are a few tips to start with.

  1. Know your customer
  2. Use Business Intelligence and Analytics
  3. Find the most useful social media platforms
  4. Inspire users to create content
  5. Comment and repost
  6. Track response
  7. Ensure constant connection and quality

1. Know your customer

The basic chapter of any kind of marketing is to understand the customer. The appeal gives the result only if you study the audience. Online marketing is not different. There are several ways to do this.

You can use conventional methods like social media polling, research, online and offline surveys, etc. However, the most effective way is to use online methods. Moreover, you can also study the changes in customer preferences as well.

2. Business Intelligence and Analytics

Business Intelligence and Analytics play one crucial role. You collect the data on your customer base. But sorting it and reading through the numbers aren’t an easy task as it seems.

Business Analytics sort and present the data to you in a readable format. In the form of charts or graphs. Therefore, you can go through those and can find out who your customers are, their age groups, and their respective interests.

Business Intelligence answers you with actionable data. That is, it will give you a clear idea of whom to and what to focus on. Easily pull out reports from anywhere in the world. You can evaluate single/multiple stores or even multiple companies’ data with a cloud ERP.

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BI and Analytics give you customer preferences and trends for the long term. The utility is essentially helpful in formulating related strategies for social media and business sales.

Checkout Point POS application enables you to pull out various types of reports. The SaaS-based ERP will let you have a complete and elaborate view of your customer base.

3. Find the most suitable social media for your business

Blogging and sharing the content in social media isn’t enough. The stories you tell must be emotionally appealing and/or educational. This draws people towards your product eventually! Sharing a happy team lunch picture is emotionally appealing.

On the other hand, sharing an article on how to edit a short video is educational. In short, listing your product’s advantages on every other post isn’t effective.

Remember, you are creating a brand identity not merely selling a product.

social media marketing for small business

Never overdo it. You may think you will post on every social media that is ever known. You can, but will not get your desired results.

Instead, Focus or 3 or 4 according to your business’ nature. You will get help from the BI reports also.

For instance, B2B business shall focus on LinkedIn and Twitter. Millennials and older generations of customers can be targeted through Facebook.

Meanwhile, the younger generation Gen-Z is more active on Instagram or Snapchat.

4. Inspire users to create content

User-created contents are the new favorites of content marketers. The contents are genuine and more inspiring than ads. Customers tend to trust their peers rather than marketers. Hence user-generated contents are the new tools.

As a business owner, you must inspire the customer to create content. Create an ambiance, evoke emotions, and produce socially responsible products.

For example, consider you have a restaurant and you target young customers. Install vibrant color couches to celebrate their friendship and memories. Make it impressive and their happy place.

After that, you will naturally end up with tons of birthday posts all across social media from multiple users.

Though hashtags are usually associated with campaigns, it is not necessary. Create a brand identity hashtag. Encourage users to use them.

5. Comment and re-post

Comment on customer-created contents with gratitude and repost. Do remember to follow up on negative criticism also.

Subsequently, Solve the issue and get back to them. Repost the user-generated content.

In addition, Always learn about what is happening around.

Tweeting people’s favorite topics is one of the right ways to do this.

Re-share by adding something to connect with your brand.

See the example below. Rick and Morty is a favorite among some audience. Wendy’s had reshared their content with a redirection to their product. This can be done evidently or subtly.

Wendy response to Rick and Morty

You can reshare a competitor’s post as well. Either you both agree on a common topic or you reply with a little sassy comment. But remember to behave well.

6. Track the response

You may think of social media analytics. Yes, but also offline reports. Analyze how these social media strategies had acquired your real customers rather than just followers. A business owner should always have ROI in their mind.

Club social media and loyalty programs. This might be an old one, never an outdated one.

7. Ensure constant connection

Create and recycle all the contents you have. Establish an emotional connection with your customers in every way possible.

Similarly, It always helps if you work on your personal profile as well. Keep networking. Keep connecting and keep selling. That’s the mantra you want!

Keep up with the quality. Never use unprofessional language, blurred or low-resolution photos or badly designed templates. You look like you present yourself, so does your brand.

Creating a brand presence on social media will help you in creating traffic and eventually creating leads. Most potential leads can be generated from social media marketing if everything is done right.

The fact that social media marketing costs much less than obsolete advertising methods adds to the advantage.

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