6 Restaurant POS features you should optimize.

Restaurant POS and applications offer more features a business owner must explore more

POS is one of the most vital devices that runs a restaurant or café smoothly. It makes the operations easier and handles most of the front end transactions. However, many restaurant owners are ignorant about the utilities of a POS. Certainly, understanding the features will optimize the productivity and operations of the restaurant.

Smart hardware and adequate software will improve the operations of the restaurant.

6 restaurant POS features you should optimize

  1. Advanced Payment Feature
  2. Improving the Customer experience using restaurant POS features
  3. Customer-focused Loyalty programs
  4. Employee productivity with smart POS
  5. Improvised Inventory management
  6. Business Intelligence and Analytics
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Smart Hardware over conventional POS

The conventional system of POS includes a monitor, payment acceptance devices, and sometimes a server. In addition, there will be peripheral devices like barcode scanner, printer, cash drawer, etc. according to the requirements.

You might require multiple setups if you are running a chain restaurant. A Smart terminal POYNT can solve the issue while integrating all these features into a countertop terminal.

Of course, you might require multiple setups if you are running a chain restaurant. A Smart terminal can solve the issue while integrating all these features into a countertop terminal.

On the other hand, the setup is more complicated for food trucks or smaller cafes. They won’t have the facility to implement huge systems in their premises.

In addition, you can connect the peripheral devices to the device if you want.

Read more on the advantages of the Smart POS system over conventional ones.

Smart Hardware powered with Smart Applications

Restaurant owners primarily focus on the durability of the hardware. Very few bother about the POS applications and their features. Choosing an application which has simple UI and that meet the specific requirements of your business is important.

An application with more utilities than required will make the use complicated. Also, one which isn’t adequate to meet your needs also makes your business suffer.

Similarly, Checkout Point designed applications specifically for cafes and fine dining restaurants that suit particular requirements. You can access the data from SaaS-based application from anywhere at any time

1. Advanced payment features

Conventional POS systems require different devices for accommodating various modes of payments. For example, with the conventional system, you accept the debit card payments and NFC payments with separate devices. As a result, customer experience is compromised.

Accepting payments with different devices and entering the data to POS is a complicated procedure. The latest terminals accept all modes of payments. To clarify, the modes include Cash, card, NFC, and QR based payments.

The POS app should allow fragmented payments also. In other words, you can accept the payment for the same order via multiple means.

Another important feature for a restaurant is ‘Pay at the Table’. In the last couple of years, the concept had turned to reality. The mobile device turned the concept into a brilliant reality. Subsequently improves the customer experience at your restaurant.

2. Improving the Customer experience using restaurant POS features

The entire system focus on creating a seamless experience for the customer. Meanwhile creating a strong customer base. Restaurant owners strive to improve customer retention.

A POS has a strong influence in creating a customer experience. Conventional systems have the utility to serve dine-in, takeaway, and deliver customers.

However, modern-day customer experience doesn’t limit to these facilities. Smart POS systems provide hassle-free return and refund options.

3. Customer-focused Loyalty programs

A good POS eases the effort to create customer loyalty programs. The customer data is stored in clouds. Further, the SaaS-based application can access data from clouds. So the feature helps in creating loyalty programs in multiple stores.

Moreover, it even helps in collaborating with other companies to create a good loyalty program. Coupon management is simple and effortless for employees also.

4. Employee productivity with Smart POS

The smart POS Application can collect employee management and shift details automatically. Each employee has their own login credentials.

You can set shift patterns according to your convenience. In other words, this helps in tracking the productivity of employees.

Further, the power of smart POS applications can boost with an essential business solution portal or ERP. This would enhance the features of POS Applications for a restaurant or café.

5. Improvised Inventory management

Inventory management is somewhat complicated for restaurants and cafes. The raw materials used in food preparations are to be calculated. But entering the data manually might be a tedious task and can include errors.

Advanced POS applications and ERP can handle the inventory management and have options to auto-update inventory according to the production.

6. Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

BI is an advanced feature unexplored by most of the restaurant owners. The feature can provide data in an understandable business format. Most importantly, BI gives you insights in actionable format and your restaurant business can leverage from the data.

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In conclusion, a POS system has more features to improve the operations of a restaurant. Exploring the features and creating a strategy can boost your business. Certainly, there aren’t straight formulas for the success of a business. Certainly, most of the strategies improve on a trial and improvise basis. However, these basics of POS application can help you to create a strong foundation for your business.

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