How to improve Small Business in 2020?[5 tips for small business]

Tips to boost business

5 tips you should focus to create an impact for your small and medium business in 2020

The New Year predictions for expected trends are here. It is important to understand those and create a marketing strategy around it, if possible going ahead of curve. Creating a marketing strategy is important to increase productivity, expand, and ultimately increasing the net worth and profit value. Here are some tips for small business you must adapt to your sales strategy this year.

5 tips for small business

  1. De-Clutter your business
  2. Update the system with latest technology
  3. Train your people more often
  4. More focus on internet and social media
  5. Make strategies for short term and longterm goals

1. De-clutter your business

This goes both literally and figuratively. Sit down and spend some time evaluating the clutters that affect your business negatively.

You should emphasize on the comfort of both employees and customers. It is important to build a team that works with your ideas or make it better.

Understand the negative factors inside your team, physical store, systems, and other areas. The minor facts we tend to ignore sometimes prove to be more important. Build an aesthetically appealing face for your business. In simple terms, clean the business.

For a start, here ‘s a good article on how to declutter your business.

2. Update the system

Yes! It is time to update the systems you have. You may be somewhat satisfied with current POS, but you will gradually lose your customers. Since the competitors are way-ahead to ensure customer satisfaction and employee productivity.

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The smart POS Poynt will give you customized apps for your business. The shift to SaaS-based ERP will improve the sales as you can access and analyze the data anywhere from the world without worrying about anything else.

Checkout Point team will take care of all the other aspects including security and further update. As a bonus, even your budget will save some amount.

Imagine you walk into a store, pick some stuff and is about to pay. You are a vivid card user, but they won’t accept your card. You rummage through wallet, find some notes and Pay. The next time you will certainly choose their competitor store because they accept cards.

The same goes for the present scene of retailers and small businesses with a little change. Cards are getting outdated. More and more people are shifting to digital payment methods. That is why you need payment terminals which can accept all type of payments.

Again, you might be having different systems for each payment. This will cause some errors in the receipt and create chaos. You can ‘de-clutter’ the system and shift to Checkout Point Smart POS.

In 2020, you can boost your small business and improve productivity and profit by updating your system. This doesn’t mean you should throw away all the stuff. You can integrate with the existing system, make the necessary adaptation, avoid the unnecessary, update gradually and pay on the go!

3. Train your people

One of the tips for small business is training your people more often. Most of the Small businesses normally tend to ignore the importance of continuous training. You might think, this is irrelevant or even a waste of time and money, but I can assure you, it is not!

It is important to update the skills of your team, sharpen it and make them acquainted with new technology and skill. This will increase the productivity of your people and improve the small business.

Make them understand various functions of other departments as well. Focus more on building a strong core team.

4. Focus on the internet

The internet provides you the door to a world of opportunities or opportunities in the world. The progress of your business depends on how well you use the web and social media. In 2020, you need to especially focus on the following trends.

Customer review: The prediction for 2020 says that people tend to believe customer reviews over ads. It is logical because Ads can be manipulative while customer reviews are one-on-one experience.

The Gen Z and Millennial like to hear to their peers rather than to the rant of marketers. Hence you need to include strategies to improve customer reviews for your business.

E-commerce: This shouldn’t need further explanation. E-commerce prevails traditional business as usual. But the opportunity doesn’t confine to shopping websites but other social media platforms as well.

For example, Facebook and Instagram have a ‘Shop’ feature. You can add your items to the shop page, sell them, and accept payments. WhatsApp has the ‘WhatsApp for Business’ feature where you can interact with the customers directly. Don’t forget to make the best use of these apps.

Pro Tip: If your business acquires customers locally, keep more focus on Google My Business feature

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5. Short term and Long term goals.

This is a general idea for tip to improve small businesses but proves to be beneficial for them. Fix a goal for next year, and then break down the goals for each quarter, month and weeks. This will help you to evaluate your results and change accordingly. The task doesn’t have to be manual.

A more reliable tool is Business Intelligence which collects, sorts and analyses all your data. BI will give you actionable outputs according to the analyzed data.

The analytics can predict the output, point out the risk factors and help you to build strong strategies in understandable visual representation, reports, and actionable language.

Checkout Point FZCO, as a subsidiary of WayPoint Systems, complements your business efforts with our Smart Complete Business Solutions. Operating in GCC since 2013, we fulfill the complete IT requirements of your firm with consistent backend support and upgraded technologies.

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