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Checkout Point Business Intelligence Mobile Application is where you can see your store data LIVE from wherever you are. Your data is consolidated and segregated in the BI App so you can analyse the risk factors, eliminate them or even better, take calculated risks.

Get the deep-dived insights of the product movements so you can plan the pricing strategies accordingly. Understand your cash flow, product flow, inventory updates in a single window without sinking in the data

Why BI App?


Live Reports

Get real-time data and reports in your phone so you can be on top of your business wherever you are!


Make informed decisions

Analyse the growth, flow, and trends of your sales. Be confident in taking market evaluated risks so your business grows


Never miss an insight

Have detailed awareness product flow and cash flow, so the insights can help you to plan better


Easier Understanding of data

With the graphical view of sales, finances, and products, read through the data effortlessly


Accurate comparison

You’ll get to compare your daily, weekly, and monthly data. Understand the peak times and market your store accordingly.


Maximise your store performance

Checkout BI App provides you with the bird-eye view and in-depth data of your Small Business.

Compare product pace - avoid deadstock & liquidate stock faster - recognize slow-moving products and strategize accordingly
Location wise sales data
Revenue channel data
Never miss receivables & payables
Keep a track on cash balance & bank balance
PDC details
Product pace
Inventory turnover ratio
Inventory by location

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Optimize your business performance by using the Business Intelligence Mobile Application

Optimize your business performance by using the Business Intelligence Mobile Application. Get live reports, actionable insights, product pace update, and much more in just a click away. Get the deep-dived insights of your Sales, Purchases, and Inventory in your mobile.

Let your business solution be smart and powerful, not just the payments.

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