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How to add and edit suppliers in Checkout Progress

How to add and edit suppliers in Checkout Progress

  • Go to Navigation Panel Masters Supplier Related module.
  • Select Supplier from the module.
  • Click New button for creating a new supplier.
  • Enter code . If you want to generate the code automatically, change the 'Manual' option to 'Auto'
  • Enter Name, select the supplier Category (Local or overseas supplier) Select the Main Account from drop down menu.
  • Select default the Division as Division1, if you have any other division, you can select from drop down.
  • Select the Payment Term i.e., cash or credit. Enter Tax registration number.
  • Enter Address, select the Country, City, Area.
  • Add the Contact details, Phone, Fax and Email.
  • Add Remarks if any.
  • Save the entry. Once you select Save, you cannot change the Code, Category and Main Account.
  • If you want to change payment term, select the Company tab.
  • Select the ‘Arrow’ button. You can see the payment term option and click the button. Select the corresponding term and click orange tick to save.
  • If you don’t want to add then cancel it.
  • If you want to delete, select the edit button corresponding to the payment term option in company tab.
  • Select the Freeze checkbox and click the and save it
  • If you want to add product under supplier, select the company.
  • Click sign to add product group and save it.
  • Displays all suppliers on the listing screen and can search a supplier here.
  • To edit a supplier select the code.


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