Checkout Point is a Fin-Tech company
that provides value-added business solutions
and applications

Checkout Point FZCO

Our Assurance

We are building solutions that are aimed at satisfying IT requirements for an enterprise. Our products will benefit small to large enterprises alike. We make sure that our services and solutions will render cost benefits to these businesses and provide them with a platform to track their growth.

About Us

Checkout Point FZCO, based in Dubai was launched with the vision to create a complete payment eco-system for Small & Medium Business. We are foremost an IT company which is run by its core Technical Infrastructure and Capabilities, our products are built around the same

Checkout Point FZCO as a Fin-Tech company has positioned itself in the market as a value-added business solution & application provider. Operating in GCC since 2013 we have a strong background in Enterprise solutions and applications, our venture into Cloud-based solutions and a shift in the business mode towards a SaaS (Software as a Service) based solution provider gave rise to Checkout Point FZCO.

Our reseller relationships with OEMs like Poynt further brings additional value to our product offering for the target business industries.

We provide POS applications, Payment application, Distribution Management System , Cloud ERP and Business Intelligence Application.




Working in Payment Industry we along with our partners maintain atmost level of conformity to the required Standards and certifications from the Industry


Our recognition is not by our products and solutions but the service level we deliver them with. It is our service that brings Value for Customers on our Innovation.


We build our products not around company, processes or technology but around people. We make sure that the user finds it always easy to interact with our products.


The objective of our products is always at the end of the day to deliver control to the business owner. Our products generate actionable intelligence that helps in delivering the control.


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